Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vlade and Sactown, Sitting in a Tree

Everyone's favorite chain-smoking Serbian flop artist Vlade Divac has been raising money and collecting goods for the victims of Hurricance Katrina.

Being that he's still under contract with the Lakers, and his first American home was in L.A., you'd think he'd be doing all this down south. You'd be wrong. Vlade has been taking up the collection here in Sacramento, and we heard yesterday on KHTK that he was looking for a second truck because the good samaritans of the River City had donated too much for one truck.

It's clear Vlade will be officially retiring very soon - it's likely a matter of weeks. Some fans have suggested signing him to a one-year deal to back up Brad and help convince Peja to stay.

Rather, I'd like to see him on our bench as a coach. We don't really have young bigs we need help molding like the Lake Show does. But Vlade brings a sense of spirit this team seemed to be sorely lacking towards the end of last season.

We could use Vlade's spark, if even he never takes another dive for us.


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Tom Ziller

The Sacramento Kings are a tough act to follow, literally.

SKB does the dirty work so you can forget about the blood, sweat and tears.

Oh, you'll still need the tears in April, though.

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