Saturday, September 03, 2005

Peja: 7th Best At His Position?

Mike Kahn at FOXSports has Peja as the #7 small forward in the league.

There's little to argue with - King James tops the list, followed by Matrix (still riding that wave of fame - I doubt he'd have been top ten on this list a year ago), AK47, Richard Jefferson (kind of iffy), Artest, The Truth and Peja. Rashard, Melo and Lamar Odom round out the top ten.

Peja could certainly be better than Jefferson all-around, and could surpass Pierce this season if he grabs a couple more boards. That's the thing with Peja - you know what you're getting: Great shooting, offensive flow and decent defense (at least in the past two seasons). Those other guys are more unknown entities on a game-by-game basis.


Anonymous Carl said...

That list is about right. I agree that Peja is better than Jefferson, but he's got a long way to go to even be close to Pierce.

12:28 PM  
Blogger pookeyguru said...

first off that list is stupid shawn marion 2nd????? does anybody who write those mags watch basketball..nobody likes (or respects) marion more than me. But lets get a few things straight here. A marion's pts are overrated he played on the best offensive basketball team since the early 90's with the nuggets & he didnt create those points. Nash stoudemire & johnson did. thats 1st. 2nd why do u think he was playing PF? Well for 1 thing he isnt strong enuf to defend SF's well enuf to keep them from getting the position or pushing off to get to the basket. He doesnt hold his ground well enough. Not really his fault he just isnt that strong. 2ndly ron artest is really the best SF to lebron james. He is a 20 Ppg plus he has abilities to run the offense somewhat. He also is the best perimeter defender in the league & likely if not the best individual defender the 2nd or 3rd @ worst. (in my opinion when tmac goes @ it he is the best individual defender..but he's the most overrated scorer too...) Paul Pierce????? are u kidding me??? lmao...yea thats how i feel about pierce...he is not only the most overrated player in the league..he's also 1 of the leagues biggest crybabies (no small feat bibby & miller are also 1st team)..he takes bad shots consistently...forces enuf shots that his only redeeming quality is he gets to the line quite a bit & doesnt play defense or rebound enough for a guy consistetly playing off his man..gee yea i think pierce is better than far as jefferson is concerned..he needs to make an AS team before he's better than peja..that is 1 of the dumbest lists ever...any SF list without tmac on it as 1st is just well stupid..any other list that says tmac or LBJ is better than kobe bryant is equally as stupid...its great to be the cynic

12:48 AM  

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