Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Francisco, Dominican Scorer

Our rookie Francisco Garcia recently finished up playing the Tournament of the Americas, which serves as a qualifying tournament for the 2006 FIBA World Championship. Francisco was representing his home nation of the Dominican Republic, who also happen to host the tourney.

Francisco did awesome, scoring 23.4 per 40 minutes, 5.1 rebounds per 40 and 2.1 steals per 40. He got to the line a lot (9.4 attempts per 40) and shot a Peja-like 45% from three. His effective field goal %, which factors in the added values of threes, ended up being a very nice 63.3%. He was on the tournament's all-first team, even though the DR finished sixth and didn't qualify for the 2006 Worlds.

The bad? Well, he shot a smudge less than 70 percent from the line, and he had 27 turnovers with only 14 assists. Of course, he was the primary scorer on the squad -- but that's still almost 4 TOs a game.

Leandro Barbosa of the Suns, who repped Brazil, was probably the biggest NBA name in the tourney besides Francisco. Tyus Edney, Kris Lang and Charlie Bell were among the US representatives (the US did place fourth, just out of the medals but clinching a 2006 Worlds spot).

A couple of other players have gotten interest from the L based on their performances, including Brazilian guard and tourney MVP Marcelinho Machado, who seems to close to a deal with Cleveland, and Uruguayan Esteban Batista, who reportedly has a deal in place with Atlanta.

What's all this mean? Probably not much more than the summer league. At least we know that Francisco has found his shot. We'll see how that translates this preseason, which is, ladies and gentleman, only five weeks away.


Blogger pookeyguru said...

since ive posted long long long posts im gonna continue the tradition. Let me be somebody (if not the first to wonder) who questions the pickup of frankie garcia. First i recognize he has skills and that his skills does in many ways work with what the kings prefer out of their swingmen. That being said do u believe that the defense out of the 2 position may be difficult to come by? with a position that has kobe bryant in the own division not to mention an often slighted by fans cuttino mobley in the same city & another who has had some of his best career games against the kings 80 miles down the road (jason richardson). Oh yea & last i checked jimmy jackson isnt a scrub. My question was there any consideration given to a player like say matt barnes for instance. Any player the kings get thru the draft is unlikely to be of great help this year. Garcia may be a year of adding strenghth before he can add any real contribution for any length of time. And that is just another reason to consider Barnes. With all that said let me note 3 things before i continue. A im not better qualified to evaluate personnel than petrie & im not in his head & dont know what he thinks. Anybody following the kings during petrie's tenure certainly knows better. B if garcia was the best player available & they passed him for say a marginal big man to fill a need that is often a mistake no matter where the selection is made. & C garcia may not end up here & the kings may have in mind a more defensive minded swingman such as barnes or whomever is out there (pls dont say spree). Lets just say for a moment that garcia was the best player on the board and a team out there really needs a backup SG out there this year. Well it gives petrie an opportunity to trade garcia for whatever he feels he can get. & Petrie is the best @ making the most out of his assets. Considering that the only real concern there isnt a 3rd center in case miller & skinner have massive injury problems...and that there isnt a defensive minded 2 guard on the roster really...that is the only real weakness i see on this team. Im interested to see if A petrie addresses it or B how he does address the darius songalia situation which has potential to solve all those issues in 1 fell swoop.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Tom said...


Thanks for the comments. In-depth analysis is always appreciated.

Yeah, the Garcia pick was a good one, I think. He showed his physical ability at Louisville - he can be a Doug Christie type with the right work ethic (which it's apparent he had). Tall two-guards are important, especially in the West. Martin seems to be the scorer to Francisco's D-man.

For what it's worth, the Dominican's defensive three-point percentage was the best in the tourney. Given small sample size, it might not mean much. But still, the Dominican best players other than Garcia were bigs. Could be a positive sign. We'll see in October when he gets minutes against players closer to the NBA level.

12:46 PM  
Blogger pookeyguru said...

no problem comments is about all i got these days. The only problem with tourneys like that the America's is that the talent quite often is marginal & the nba guys like charlie bell will probably not have a consistent spot in the rotation all year for milwaukee. That being said a young player needs to play as i said previously doubting garcia's talent is not something im prone to doing. In fact id be very shocked if he isnt a productive player for quite a long time. He's motivated a team guy with some real skills (shooting deep in a league starving for it) and ball handling @ his size. He's also a pretty good rebounder as well. Im just interested to see how he defends & if in fact he beats out kmart for a spot in the rotation. Either way i dont see him being doug christie (nowhere near as athletic as DC was in his younger years altho i see the comparison you are getting at..skinny & skilled). On the flip side doug never did shoot as frankie does now so it will be interesting. I agree with you that his performance could mean positive things for his future even if that means somewhere else this season or next. Either way its always good when youre a team with a talent base as high as the kings that a player like frankie garcia can help you but not necessarily break your season. It's a luxury few teams in the ever money conscious nba have despite the embarrasment of riches spent.

5:06 PM  

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