Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"We've got other things we intend to do and want to do."

That's the money quote from the Petrie Lord in a SacBee story on this big day in offseason wheeling and dealing by Joe Davidson.

Teams can make deals and signings official today, and we're a little curious to see if anyone follows the Carlos Boozer Business Model this year. Also, the situations with Mo Evans (probably gone) and Darius Songaila (rumored to be involved in a trade with Washington) are as yet unresolved.

We're glad the Petrie Lord isn't done yet. Could this be the week that one of The Nucleus gets shipped, or are we making a non-core play for a new power forward?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's are the details regarding the rumored trade with the Wizards?

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

ESPN rumors said Steve Blake was involved. That only makes sense if Bibby is on the trading block.

Anything is possible at this point.

12:25 PM  

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Tom Ziller

The Sacramento Kings are a tough act to follow, literally.

SKB does the dirty work so you can forget about the blood, sweat and tears.

Oh, you'll still need the tears in April, though.

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