Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey, We Could Be the Knicks!

The Knickerblogger is seemingly ruing the Jerome James signing, in light of Stromile Swift agreeing to terms with Houston for the mid-level.

I'd rather be bored than have Jerome James on my roster. Thanks, Geoff, for thinking of us.

(By the way, the Knickerblogger is a standard all NBA blogs should strive for. Wit, analysis and rabid-ass readers, all in one!)


Blogger KnickerBlogger said...

Thanks for the compliment. It's good to see the words 'KnickerBlogger' and 'ass' in a sentence with a different meaning.


10:10 PM  

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Tom Ziller

The Sacramento Kings are a tough act to follow, literally.

SKB does the dirty work so you can forget about the blood, sweat and tears.

Oh, you'll still need the tears in April, though.

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