Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gauging Petrie's Trophies

The stat-tastic HoopsAnalyst is rounding up the best trades of all-time for each team in the league.

Harlan Schreiber has finished up three-quarters of the teams, and he seems to be using the old divisions to separate the analyses. Here's the Midwest Division, the Central Division and the Atlantic Division.

The grand old Pacific Division is sure to come within a few days, but let's jump the gun and give you our pick for the best trade in Sacramento Kings history.

The candidates are:

1998: Mitch Richmond to Washington for Chris Webber
Webber gave us 124 Win Shares over the next six seasons and change while filling the stands and the stat sheet. Richmond gave Les Boulez decent production in 1999 and 2000, then fell off the face of the earth, only to win a ring as a small-time bit player on the 2002 Lakers.

2001: Jason Williams to Memphis for Mike Bibby
Say what you will about Bibby's defense (and we're sure you will say a lot about it), but the guy has been part of the most dependable duo in the league (hi Peja!) the past four seasons, playing more than 33 minutes a game the whole time and having only one DL stint. Two great play-off runs (one of them epic) and two All-Star caliber seasons. White Chocolate, by comparison, has been decent, but typically inconsistent and is on his way to be shipped out of Tennessee.

2003: Scot Pollard to Indiana and Hedo Turkoglu to San Antonio for Brad Miller
Miller is an unquestionable All-Star caliber player, and has shown his value with his amazing efficiency. To wit: Brad has the fourth-best Offensive Rating in the league over the last two years for players with more than 2,500 minutes played. Pollard has played less than 15 minutes per game for Indiana over the past two years, and Hedo spent only one season in San Antonio, averaging 9 points and 4.5 boards, before signing an offer sheet with Orlando before 2004-05.

And the winner is...
We think Miller-for-Pollard-and-Turkoglu will be recognized as the Geoff Petrie Gold Standard in a couple years, but Webber-for-Richmond wins right now. Richmond was scrap metal soon after leaving, and Webber was hitting his peak. Of course, Chris's knees betrayed him and now he's really expensive scrap metal, but we got some All-Star seasons out of him and we got thisclose to championship with him at the helm. We can't forget.

Turkoglu could still be something in this league. He won't be Brad Miller, but he could be good enough to not make that deal look like such a dramatic coup for Petrie. It is a coup, because Hedo wouldn't have got enough minutes here and Pollard ws nothing more the a beloved Hack-a-Shaq type player. But it doesn't look like a coup yet.

By the way, how scary is that the three-way deal in retrospect for fans of all three teams? Petrie, Donnie Walsh and R.C. Buford sitting in the same theoretical room to punch out a five-player shuffle? Have three more astute GMs ever dealt with each other before? Absolutely insane, in retrospect.


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Tom Ziller

The Sacramento Kings are a tough act to follow, literally.

SKB does the dirty work so you can forget about the blood, sweat and tears.

Oh, you'll still need the tears in April, though.

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