Saturday, July 30, 2005

Salary cap set at $49.5M

The Associated Press reports that the details of the CBA have been finalized. (Via Dan Rosenbaum by way of Henry Abbot.)

The cap is set at $49.5 million, and the midlevel exception will be $5M even.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Darius to the Hawks?

Despite being a VERY slow news day, a rumor that Darius Songaila signed an offer sheet by the Atlanta Hawks is floating, following an apparent discussion of the matter on KHTK's Monty til Midnight show yesterday.

Nothing on Google News, nothing on Ice Rocket (who by the way has some great customer service in place - I got a personel email from an IceRocket staffer this morning thanking me for the mention yesterday and making fun of my Kings-fandom - impressive!).

Petrie won't go over $5M per for Darius, and we bet the figure is lower than that. We like the kid, and heartily endorse his not ruining his career by signing an offer sheet with the Hawks.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thanks, TrueHoop!

With all apolgies to HoopsHype and The Sac Rag, the incredibly astute True Hoop is the the grandest website that's chosen to link to me.

Thanks, Henry, for the kind words and the traffic! And everyone, check him out: experienced, funny and published. Ooh! Aah!

Mark Cuban = Geek

You probably already knew this, but Mark Cuban is a geek.

But he's behind this great new blog search engine -

It's been incredibly effective for us thus far, and it's trend comparisons are loads of fun. To wit: Phil Jackson gets mentioned in many more blogs than does Rick Adelman! Truly shocking, I know.

Eva: The New Elin?

They're having fun in San Antonio, looking at the Spurs' premarital contributions to the team in contrast with postnupital efforts, all in the wake of rumors that slimy Frenchman Tony Parker has popped the question to local girl Eva Longoria.

It shows what good shape that team is in, when the biggest fear is that their third banana will get Tiger Woods syndrome.

Four Chinese Guys and Bobby Jackson Walk Into a Bar

Don't be alarmed if you see a dozen big Chinese fellows wearing yellow walk into Capital Christian Friday night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Chad Ford = Peace Out

RealGM reports that Chad Ford is leaving to teach at his alma mater.

Expect many to kick him on his way out as he is hated by at least one would-be NBA writer and by a handful of other fans who consider his Eurolust annoying.

Gauging Petrie's Trophies

The stat-tastic HoopsAnalyst is rounding up the best trades of all-time for each team in the league.

Harlan Schreiber has finished up three-quarters of the teams, and he seems to be using the old divisions to separate the analyses. Here's the Midwest Division, the Central Division and the Atlantic Division.

The grand old Pacific Division is sure to come within a few days, but let's jump the gun and give you our pick for the best trade in Sacramento Kings history.

The candidates are:

1998: Mitch Richmond to Washington for Chris Webber
Webber gave us 124 Win Shares over the next six seasons and change while filling the stands and the stat sheet. Richmond gave Les Boulez decent production in 1999 and 2000, then fell off the face of the earth, only to win a ring as a small-time bit player on the 2002 Lakers.

2001: Jason Williams to Memphis for Mike Bibby
Say what you will about Bibby's defense (and we're sure you will say a lot about it), but the guy has been part of the most dependable duo in the league (hi Peja!) the past four seasons, playing more than 33 minutes a game the whole time and having only one DL stint. Two great play-off runs (one of them epic) and two All-Star caliber seasons. White Chocolate, by comparison, has been decent, but typically inconsistent and is on his way to be shipped out of Tennessee.

2003: Scot Pollard to Indiana and Hedo Turkoglu to San Antonio for Brad Miller
Miller is an unquestionable All-Star caliber player, and has shown his value with his amazing efficiency. To wit: Brad has the fourth-best Offensive Rating in the league over the last two years for players with more than 2,500 minutes played. Pollard has played less than 15 minutes per game for Indiana over the past two years, and Hedo spent only one season in San Antonio, averaging 9 points and 4.5 boards, before signing an offer sheet with Orlando before 2004-05.

And the winner is...
We think Miller-for-Pollard-and-Turkoglu will be recognized as the Geoff Petrie Gold Standard in a couple years, but Webber-for-Richmond wins right now. Richmond was scrap metal soon after leaving, and Webber was hitting his peak. Of course, Chris's knees betrayed him and now he's really expensive scrap metal, but we got some All-Star seasons out of him and we got thisclose to championship with him at the helm. We can't forget.

Turkoglu could still be something in this league. He won't be Brad Miller, but he could be good enough to not make that deal look like such a dramatic coup for Petrie. It is a coup, because Hedo wouldn't have got enough minutes here and Pollard ws nothing more the a beloved Hack-a-Shaq type player. But it doesn't look like a coup yet.

By the way, how scary is that the three-way deal in retrospect for fans of all three teams? Petrie, Donnie Walsh and R.C. Buford sitting in the same theoretical room to punch out a five-player shuffle? Have three more astute GMs ever dealt with each other before? Absolutely insane, in retrospect.

Jason Hart to the Kings?

The Charlotte Observer reports that the Bobcats will trade PG Jason Hart to the Kings for a future second-round pick.

Hart has two years and about $3 million left on his current deal. He started in Charlotte last year, and had a good offensive rating of 112, according to B-Ref.

Assist-to-turnover ratio is good (9.3-to-2.6 per 48 last year), good defensive marks in his two seasons with San Antonio.

He's not going to be a Bobby Jackson for us, but he seems more than capable of running the offense for us while Bibby takes his 12-14 minutes of rest.

I also think this puts the Eddie House Era on ice.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Never to Early to Lose Lots of Cash!

Bodog's online sportsbook has the Kings at 40-to-1 to win the 2006 championship.

The Spurs are at 3-to-1 and the Heat at 13-to-2. The Pacers interestingly have better odds than the Pistons (8-to-1 vs. 9-to-1). Makes sense - the Pacers will be a preseason pick of many pundits, we predict.

Here's are some of the more shocking numbers: Memphis is at 35-to-1 - they're better than the Kings? The Lottery Lakers are at 33-to-1. The Cleveland Cavaliers are at 28-to-1 - I wonder who's responsible for that?

The Nets and the Timberwolves are both at 28-to-1, and the Rockets are all the way up to 18-to-1.

The biggest laugher? The Warriors, at 45-to-1. This must mean that people have actually been betting on the W's, because there's no way in Hayward that their line started there.

Methinks too many Bay Area fans have drank the Baron Davis Kool-Aid. Have fun during his first stint on the DL!

Recommended (and Not Recommended) Reading

We're bordering on hanging ourselves here at SKB headquarters after finishing the awful, horrible, awfully horrible Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this morning, so posts may be few today.

Yesterday, we mentioned the 13th edition of the Carnival of the NBA, which provides a great big-picture look at hoops insight from around the league.

A new resource popped up this morning - HoopsHype's listing of NBA blogs. Check it out - it's amazing how many fans are out there blogging up a storm.

The basketblogosphere is still behind Major League Baseball in terms of web presence, but it's catching up, as you can see.

(By the way, never read the Potter book, unless you like going insane with distress.)

Monday, July 25, 2005


At the time of this posting, Google News turns up 428 stories about Larry Brown, most presumably about the Knicks head coaching job.

Okay, Larry Brown is a good coach. We get it. But c'mon. The guy is unreliable, old and frail and stubborn as all hell, especially when it comes to his personnel.

And he's not the most profilic coach in history or anything. In fact, he's won one NBA championship and has a career regular season winning percentage of .571 as a NBA head coach. His playoff winning percentage is a little lower, at .529.

Our beloved, stubborn, reliable coach, on the other hand, has a career .615 winning percentage, with a .515 clip in the playoffs.

Based on that, we can assume it's going to be a madhouse of ADELMANIA! around the league next offseason when the Maloofs decide to go a different direction. We can, right?

A Carnival in Oakland

The City, a fine Warriors blog, is hosting the Carnival of the NBA #13 - a weekly (we think) collection of posts from around the basketblogosphere.

Check it out - lots of great insight from a lot of different perspectives.

"Tip Your Waitresses," Said The Seven-Foot Sloth

Sorry for harping on the guy, but Greg Ostertag is still one of the funniest guys in the league, as the linked story from the Salt Lake Tribune shows. Here's a sample of the comedic genius that is Greg Ostertag:

"It's the same old stuff. People always need to blame somebody and, now that I'm back, I'm the perfect candidate. They probably didn't know who to blame last year, did they?"

We already miss the big lug!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The End Of The Greg Ostertag Era Has Sadly Come

The Bee has a fat story trying to get in every word about the trade. Suprising that Marty McNeal couldn't get Bobby Jackson, considering News10 got ahold of him for some quotes.

If you've been here before, you know how SKB stands on the issue. Bobbo has played in 54 percent of the team's regular season games the last three years. That's not good. We'll miss the experience and toughness of the bench, not to mention the instant offense. But the guy is 32 and coming off a tough abdominal injury to could limit him.

As far as Greg Ostertag goes, good riddance. I'm shocked (SHOCKED) that Utah actually took him back - must be a cap reason for it.

The thread on's message board regarding the trade is absolutely hysterical. The first few people are trying to convince everyone the story's a hoax, until more sources start breaking it. The best quotes follow:

"This is positively the most frightening thing I've read this off-season."

"I don't know how much to trust this - but if the Jazz bring back Tag' I will be convinced that Scott Layden is doing much more than just assistant coaching this team."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This better not be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I can't even begin to tell you how pissed I will be if this proves true."

"Now I'm going to puke until I bleed."

"This must be how it feels to be a Clippers fan."

Highly entertaining. How can Kings fans really complain about the trade after seeing what happened to Utah?

Also, how many instances of strange coincedence make up a curse? Like, how many times did an athlete who had just graced the cover of Sports Illustrated blow out their knee before the `SI Jinx' was official? Three sounds about right.

We're asking because of a brewing "Curse of the McDonald's Commercial." Remember, Gerald Wallace getting a local TV commercial deal with McDeezer's? Gone in that offseason's expansion draft. So Bobby replaces him in the spots this season (despite playing 25 games), and he's shuttled to Tennessee.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's get expensive Kenny Thomas in a McDonald's campaign! Consider this a petition. Let's make it happen.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Following the Rash Reaction, Less Rash Reaction!

The Bee has a write-up on the trade, too, published about a half-hour ago.

A few quick things:
1) Is Kreidler the only local media type that has seemed agreeable to bringing Bonzi in? The Rise Guys were dissing it this morning, along with 'Negative Nellie' Graswich (who has some real Maloof envy, don't you think?). I haven't listened to Monty all week, and Grant is on vacate. Will they all suck up to the Petrie Lord next week, or wait until our first nice winning streak?

2) Ostertag is worth three marginal but young and cheap players? Color me confused -- ecstatic, but confused.

3) Juan Dixon is looking nicer now. The PG market is incredibly (read: INCREDIBLY) thin. Just say no to Tyronn Lue and Jannero Pargo. And I'm generally against rejuvenating the Eddie House Era, though I can be persuaded.

4) Mike Bibby was 16th in the league in minutes per game last season with 38.55. Is he going to have to play 40 every night? Is he gets injured, can we call the season? Will a team score 200 points on us sometime this season?

5) What are the early odds on Bonzi getting busted for pot this season? 5-to-1? Less? More?

6) Bobby finally gets his chance to start! We wish you luck, so long as your opponent ain't us.

Done Deal!

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal is reporting that Bonzi is a King!

Three-way deal: Bobby Jackson to Memphis, Bonzi to Sac, Greg Ostertag back to Utah (?) and apparently Utah also sends Raul Lopez, Curtis Borchardt and Kirk Snyder to Memphis.

Utah has to be getting something else from Memphis...Lorenzen Wright, maybe? JWill? (Over Jerry Sloan's dead body).

More tk.

Juan Dixon, Come on Down!

While we're not sure he's Western Conference starting two-guard material, the Kings are apparently interested in Juan Dixon, who won my second favorite college team a championship in 2002.

The guy is CLUTCH - Bibby in 2002 clutch. Despite improving his offense greatly last year (with a large jump in shooting percentages), he was still barely over replacement-level (1.35 wins over replacement level, according to B-Ref).

I'm not sure how much more than the low level exception (projected around $1.5M this year) he's worth, especially considering we have young shooting guards in Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia that are taller and more athletic.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

In the Slow Times

We're trying to keep you busy reading here at SKB, but spend some time looking over Arranging Matches, a fantastic Sac-centric blog with lots of great photos. The Maui ones are making me particularly jealous.

Also, should be a daily stop for all Sacramentans. Don & Ron make some of the cannier (is that a word?) observations about the River City found on the net, and the growing cadre of contributors (of which SKB's own is one) is adding to the eventually important community of Sac webheads.

Someone Get Jameel Pugh a Roster Spot!

Absolutely epic story on Jameel Pugh in the Bee today. Can you beat this lead on a sports feature? Jimmy Spencer writes:

Without even setting foot in the gym, Jameel Pugh is reminded how far behind he is from his workout buddies.

The evidence is in the parking lot.

Alongside Bobby Jackson's Aston Martin and Jerome James' Hummer sits what Pugh calls his "Maroon Escalade" - a beat-up '94 Ford Explorer with more than 200,000 miles on the odometer."

There's no better way to compare modern athletes and their professional success than by looking at their transportation. Spencer knows this, because he's roughly half the age of the average Bee sportswriter. Do you think Marcos Breton is coming up with that lead? Highly unlikely.

More info on the team's whips please! What did Francisco Garcia go out and get? Is Kevin Martin still rolling around at very high speeds? Does Brad Miller's truck have a gun rack on the back? We need to know this stuff! It's far more interesting than anything else going on in Sacramento right now.

Also, getting back to the story, it's good to see Pugh is in good spirits about everything. Can we get an NBDL team around here? Stockton, maybe? Vallejo? There's enough basketball nuts in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area that have been priced out by the Kings that would line up for a chance to see raw talent play for their hoops careers.

Hi, Mark Kreidler. Nice to meet you.

Mark Kreidler has a stunningly insightful column regarding the Bonzi rumors in today's Bee.

To wit, Kreidler writes:
"Wells can be a first-class knucklehead, but much of his unhappiness over the years can be traced to playing time (a career average of fewer than 23 minutes per game). If he starts for Adelman, that's no issue - and what Wells gives the Kings in return is a player who can make a shot, post up a defender and crash inside."

Stunningly insightful AND somewhat familiar. To wit, SKB posted the following insight Wednesday before 10 a.m.:

"But he compares favorably to Mobley in a couple of key areas important to our squad at this point - rebounding, assists and steal. For his career, Wells is averaging almost 3 more boards, 0.6 assists and 0.9 steals per 48 than Mobley. ... And it appears a big problem in Memphis for Wells was playing time. He played less than 25 minutes per game in Memphis. His minutes (and overall numbers) were much better in Portland.'s reasonable to think Bonzi could get 30-35 minutes per game..."

THIS IS NOT AN ACCUSATORY POST. We repeat, THIS IS NOT AN ACCUSATORY POST. We're not conceited enough to think one of our 45 visits Wednesday was from an esteemed SacBee and ESPN columnist, nor do we think our analysis is so profane that no one else could dare dream it up themselves. Frankly, it's all common sense. And Kreidler writes a hell of a lot better than we do.

But isn't it interesting how much more real-time the online medium is, even when print media has online presence?

It's your choice, America. You can get passable analysis at no cost from today, or refined analysis for 50 cents from the Bee tomorrow. It's your choice.

(Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

(Also - Note to Mark Kreidler: Let's lunch!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another Boring Week To Come

The NBA has delayed the free-agent signing date, which was supposed to be Friday. The details of the CBA are still being finalized, so we could wait until Aug. 1 or longer for things to really get cooking on the trade market, which is how we're going to get better this offseason.

This could be good or bad. Petrie know apparently has a little more time to broker deals for key sign-and-trade possibilities. But those other GMs also have a little more time to realize their getting fleeced.

You have to think that the smart GMs saw this coming, as a lot of insiders certainly did.

The Brevin Knight Era in L.A.?

Lakers fans are panicking about the point guard position after losing out on Antonio Daniels, who is headed to Washington.

Names be bandied about to start at the 1-spot for L.A.? Brevin Knight, Tyronn Lue and Gary Payton.

Have fun with that, Lakers fans. Have fun with that.

The Bonzi Bonanza

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal is reporting that it's down to Sacramento and the Clippers for the services of one Bonzi Wells, and that something should happen this week.

Why is L.A. interested in Bonzi? To back up Cuttino and Maggette? That's the only thing that makes sense right now. They have at the 4, Maggette at the 3, Cuttino at the 2 and Livingston (who may be another year or two away) at the 1. How does Bonzi Wells make them a better team? And why would they still be looking at paying Marko Jaric starter's money if they're serious about Bonzi?

I can only imagine that they know Jaric is gone, because with the Cat, Bonzi and Marko, you have supermegaredundency. Bonzi and Mobley or Jaric and Mobley are redundent enough. All three is just silly, especially with Maggette also on the team.

As I've written before, I'd support Bonzi in a Kings jersey. He's physical and is a good scorer, whether shooting mid-range jumpers or getting to the hoop. His stats from the past two years are absolutely horrible, and he's really not worth $8M.

But he compares favorably to Mobley in a couple of key areas important to our squad at this point - rebounding, assists and steal. For his career, Wells is averaging almost 3 more boards, 0.6 assists and 0.9 steals per 48 than Mobley.

Mobley is a better shooter, and doesn't have as many turnovers (likely because when he handles the ball, he almost immediately redirects it to the net). But with Brad Miller and Mike Bibby on the squad, Wells won't be handling the rock as much as he did in Portland, where his T/O numbers were the worst.

And it appears a big problem in Memphis for Wells was playing time. He played less than 25 minutes per game in Memphis. His minutes (and overall numbers) were much better in Portland.

Cuttino averaged 38 minutes a game for us last year. If we keep Mo Evans around (which is looking less likely, given Mo's agent's comments in the Bee this morning), it's reasonable to think Bonzi could get 30-35 minutes per game with time for Mo, Bobby Jackson and Kevin Martin getting the rest.

Mo got 19 minutes a game last year. It's reasonable that if Bobby weren't injured, 11-15 per game for Mo would be possibly, with the Bobby&Bibby backcourt playing sparingly until late in the season.

Martin can back up Peja, and possibly Bibby if Wells is on the floor. Ten minutes per game is the minimum for the development of Martin, 15 would probably be best.

Francisco Garcia won't be playing much regardless, barring an injury.

The only thing I would worry about with Wells is having him too long. Three years should be the max, but I would most like two years at a reasonable price with a team option for the third. He's a risk at this point, but I think he's a quantifiable one that has a good probability of panning out.

Of course, I'm also dumb and hardly know that with which I speak.

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Antoine

Marty McNeal has an explainer on why the Kings are being boring right now in the Bee today. Some good stuff buried in there, including this, the most telling detail:
The Kings are trying to acquire such a player through a sign-and-trade and continue to discuss those with agent Mark Bartelstein, among others.

Mark Bartelstein biggest free-agent client? Antoine Walker.

Is McNeal dropping us a clue here? Maybe he knows more about the negotiations between Petrie and Danny Ainge regarding a sign-and-trade for 'Toine than he can publish?

This, added to the lack of things I'm hearing from New York about Walker, added to the diminishing options are pointing more and more to 'Toine in purple next year. Gulp.

I have warmed up to the idea somewhat, though. We aren't going to compete with Kenny Thomas starting, even if The Nucleus and Bobby Jackson stay healthy.

An inexpensive (mid-level) flier on Antoine Walker wouldn't be horrible. I would hope for three years at the most, though that might be unrealistic considering Walker is arguably one of the top 43 players in the league.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey, We Could Be the Knicks!

The Knickerblogger is seemingly ruing the Jerome James signing, in light of Stromile Swift agreeing to terms with Houston for the mid-level.

I'd rather be bored than have Jerome James on my roster. Thanks, Geoff, for thinking of us.

(By the way, the Knickerblogger is a standard all NBA blogs should strive for. Wit, analysis and rabid-ass readers, all in one!)

With or Without Chris

An interesting debate about retiring numbers has lead to a debate about whether the Kings were better without Chris Webber on the floor during his stint in Sacramento over on the forums at KingsSuperFans.

It's obvious that people are letting the end of the 2004 season could their judgment. Yeah, Chris killed the team chemistry and flow when he came back that season. Even though we made it to the second round, we all knew we were toast when we fell out of the lead in the Pacific Division the last day of the season (thanks, Kobe).

But we were better off when Chris was injured? Please! In the 2003 season, we went 54-20 in games Webber played - a 73% winning percentage. Without him? 12-8, for a 60% winning percentage.

Even last year, we were better before the trade than after. I don't get the Webber hate. He was overpaid, yeah. He had some run-ins with the media and the law, yeah. But the guy gave us 23.5 points, 10.6 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game. He had an impact, and he was one of the bigger reasons we won a lot of games the last six years.

We didn't really want Shareef anyways, New Jersey

It looks like the Nets got Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

Well, it was nice to be in the hunt for a big-name free agent. But, is this how Clippers fans feel?

We <3 Vlade

Joe Davidson has a very nice piece on Vlade Divac's impending retirement, if you don't mind visions of barefoot Serbians and baby vomit. (And no, we're not being sarcastic. It's a good story AND it's by Joe Davidson.)

I totally understand why Vlade was let go after 2004 - he wouldn't have helped us on the court. It was a smart decision by Petrie that almost everybody had to hate see done. By the 2004 playoffs, he was really just a bit player on a team struggling (really really struggling) to find its identity.

But how good was that guy for the team and the city? Does Peja ever become "PEJA, MVP candidate" during Webber's 2004 absence without a rock like Vlade going through it with him? Would Jason Williams have actually stuck in this league without a big man that could pass like Vlade? We're not so sure.

I understand his ties to the Lakers - they gave him a chance. But geez, can't we find a place for this guy in our front office? He's an amazing man, and deserves some real loyalty. We didn't show that last year (smartly so, as he can't play anymore), but we could try to show it now by begging him to come back and coach or sit on the bench or scout for us.

So Vlade, if you're reading this -- put some socks on. Err, uh, come back to the Kings organization. We miss you!

Bibby: Practice?! What are you talking about, practice?

Um, did this Joe Davidson piece in today's Bee on Bibby's basketball camp make anyone else throw up this morning?

First, we find out that doing some shooting drills with 8-year-olds is "pretty much the extent of Bibby's basketball the rest of this summer." Then, Davidson tells us that last year was Bibby's best season.

Um, no. Bibby may have scored more points than in any other season, but that's it. Davidson mistakenly writes that he pulled 6.8 rebounds a game, when he actually got 4.2 (which is, nonetheless, a career-high). He had 6.8 assists a game (which is how we're guessing the mix-up happened) - his top number while with the Kings (he twice averaged more than 8 assists/game with Vancouver).

But very few who watched the Kings last year would say it was Bibby's best campaign. Mike was far better in 2004, when he nearly averaged the same points per game with a significantly better shooting percentage, free throw percentage and turnover rate. And he had two more win shares in 2004 than 2005.

And you really can't ignore the playoffs both years - isn't that part of the reason we signed Mike longterm? He shot 39% in the Sonic's series a few months ago, and 43% in the 2004 postseason. He was 22% from behind the arc in 2005's postseason and 44% in 2004. He just kinda sucked against the Sonics, and we're (ha! we) paying him to shine in the spotlight.

So yeah, Bibby was better in 2004 than in 2005. Any dissenting opinions?

Cheers to the Commenter

We would be remiss for not mentioning FotoMan of Celebrating Fire Hydrants, who Monday became the first person in the world other than SKB's editor-in-chief to comment on a post.

Sure, SKB wasn't even live yet. And sure, he was just passing through on his way to other blogs. And sure, And sure, he's from Missouri, which is like Galt, but bigger and with Nelly. But hey, he has a blog where he takes pictures of fire hydrants! That's funny! Everyone visit Celebrating Fire Hydrants and make sarcastic remarks in the comments! Spread the love!

Welcome to a Magical Place

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Over the next 1 million years, this blog will serve as your leading authority on both the NBA's Sacramento Kings and the coming apocolypse, which will consequently take place when the Kings win a championship.

The crack staff here at SacKingsBlog (SKB, for short) will attempt in the next few months to be to one-stop-shop for all Kings minutia - game recaps with analysis, possible trade scenarios, Gavin Maloof's formila for delicious iced tea and more.

Our predecessor in royal tomfoolery is Pick&Droll, and it still exists as an archive. We will be transporting a portion of those P&D posts over here to SKB in the next few weeks, so assinine draft and free agent commentary will be a click away (instead of, like, two clicks - lazy bastards).

Feel free to drop us a line, should you have any juicy tidbits worth revealing to the entire Sacramento Kings fanbase (because, after all, the entire Sacramento Kings fanbase does wake up to SKB every morning).

Also, go Kings!

Friday, July 15, 2005

A test.

Hello. Is anybody out there?

Tom Ziller

The Sacramento Kings are a tough act to follow, literally.

SKB does the dirty work so you can forget about the blood, sweat and tears.

Oh, you'll still need the tears in April, though.

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